ACENTONEWS.COM: On Saturday, August 27, the Center for Democracy and Citizenchip Studies – CEDES; and Saberes University, sponsored the conference: Democratic Systems: Challenges of Political Action, directed to a group of professionals, teachers and academics from the Higher Community Technical Institute – ITSC, based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

            The conference was given by Professor Alejandro Oropeza G., PhD., Academic Director and CEO of CEDES; and, as moderator, Prof. René Bracho Aguirre, PhD., authority of Saberes University. A large attendance of more than 70 ITSC members, chaired by the Academic Vice Chancellor Carlos Mendieta and Prof. Miguel Guerrero, participated in the activity, which culminated in a lively exchange between the attendees and the speaker.

            Alejandro Oropeza comments: we wanted to carry out an exchange activity with the academics and students of programs on political management of the ITSC, identifying the variables that today are determining a deep crisis of the political systems in Latin America, focusing on the democratic systems, its erosion and the impact of the abandonment and kidnapping of public space, from a complementary perspective of the exercise of power, as a critical reality in several states of the Region.

But, beyond identifying and characterizing the problem, we propose the fact of seeing and appreciating these same variables, as opportunities to face the situation, prepare and act to confront the crisis of said systems. The interest of those present in the subject was appreciated, as well as the opportunity to train emerging leaders and the internal democratization of political parties, as ways of action.

            René Aguirre identifies a very positive aspect in this alliance, as a starting point to work specifically so that training/training is assumed as a determining element in the positive evolution of the problematic situations identified in the Region. He reports that a certificate in Principles of Political Management, with a face-to-face extension of more than 20 hours, is being coordinated between CEDES, Saberes and the ITSC to be executed soon, which is already fully designed. In the same way, Prof. Carlos Mendieta encouraged the participants to be prepared and willing to take advantage of this exchange and to delve into the handling of tools and instruments of action, to work towards the achievement of the objectives of democratizing more and more political systems, particularly that of the Dominican Republic.

            People who are interested in the conference: Democratic Systems: Challenges of Political Action, can access it through the following link:

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