The promotion, sponsorship, research, education and training of the values of democracy and citizen participation, as mechanisms for the active incorporation of the individual into the areas of social action. This, with a view to the effective defense and development of Human Rights and solidarity activity in the fields of culture, education, incorporation into communities and joint responsibility in all areas of social activity.


Generate interdisciplinary, updated and pertinent knowledge about democracy, citizen participation and, the promotion and defense of Human Rights, through technical cooperation services, research, and specialized training programs, in order to contribute to the exercise of democracy and citizenship in the United States of America and Latin America.


Be an educational, research, reflection reference; and training and education in the American Continent, due to the quality, excellence and timeliness of its technical assistance services and its specialized training programs that bring together professionals from all over the world committed to democracy, citizen participation and Human Rights.

Our values:

CEDES is committed to:

• Liberal democracy.
• Freedom of thought and expression.
• Human dignity.
• Diversity and plurality.
• The tolerance.
• Human Rights and the right to be of each individual.


• Effectiveness.
• Integrity.
• Agreement.
• Service.
• Transparency.