Managing Director – CEO:Alejandro Oropeza G. PhD.
Academic and Research Director:Alexandra Panzarelli. PhD.
Director of Outreach and Special Projects:George Kastner. PhD.
Director of Management and Academic Operations:René Aguirre B. PhD.
Director of International Relations:Tomás Páez B. PhD.
Director of Communications and Marketing:Nelson Oxford. Lcdo.
Planning Director:Eduardo Betancourt. MSc.
Director of Inter Institutional Relations:Mary Molina M. Lcda.
Digital Media Coordination:Raúl Alvarado N. Lcdo.
Military Studies Group Coordinator:Rodrigo Mijares S. PhD.
Press and Media Advisor:Eduardo Orozco O. Lcdo.
Digital Marketing Advisor:Nacho Suárez. MSc.
Institutional Advisor:José Luis Betancourt. Ing.