We promote the protection, defense and compensation of Human Rights.


The Center for Democracy and Citizenship Studies – CEDES is a research and training organization, with a profoundly democratic and humanistic vocation, respectful of the diversity of criteria and opinions, made up of academics dedicated to the study, research, defense , dissemination and promotion of democracy and the values ​​associated with it; as well as the promotion, protection, defense and compensation of Human Rights.

Advocates co-responsible citizen action as a reference framework for democracy and freedom in Ibero-America. Thus, the strategies to meet its objective are directed to the design and execution, supported by high levels of excellence, of processes of: education and training; studies and research; extension-dissemination and consultancy, to support the democratic and citizen exercise.

Likewise, the organization seeks to generate contributions, commitments and strategies of political action for the positive development of youth; the promotion of values ​​of healthy competitiveness, encouraging the private and public sectors to achieve these goals, which involve plurality, recognition of the other, multiculturalism and the committed and supportive citizen occupation of public space.