Institute for Senior Management Studies and Sports Policies

The purpose of the Institute is to generate new managerial and political trends in the sports field through the comprehensive training of professionals in the area, with academic projection and, thus, generate new standards of quality and excellence, through institutional positioning, sustainability and effective social bond. In this sense, the Institute's north is the design, offer and execution of extension, undergraduate and postgraduate academic activities, such as executive programs, diplomas, certifications, seminars, courses and workshops and master classes. As well as the underpinning of said activities through the accompaniment of research processes. Likewise, content will be generated and disseminated in the sports area, such as: documentaries; books, academic journals; dissemination notebooks; mics; etc. All this with a view to innovating in training development in all areas of physical activity, stimulating involvement and social development, through the creation of sports schools of excellence.

Managing Director: Lcdo. Josías Castro.
Chief Coordinator: Dr. Pascual Moreno.